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     In 2002, two fish mongers, Jeff Norris and George Banks, were fed up with the quality of fresh fish and seafood available in the local markets and restaurants. What these retail outlets called "fresh" was actually frozen then defrosted seafood disguised as fresh. To Jeff and George this was unacceptable and something had to be done about it. With plans in hand and a dream in mind, the two set out to find the perfect location so they could provide real "fresh" fish and seafood the the local community. After months of searching the greater San Gabriel Valley, San Marino Seafood was born.

Jeff Norris has over 20 years of hands on experience in the fish market and restaurant business in San Diego County. Jeff is now retired, however, San Marino seafood is still run by George who you can find behind the counter almost every day making sure the quality of his seafood meets or exceeds the expectations of his loyal customers. San Marino Seafood is not just a fish market, but also a favorite dining destination among
Georges customers in an around the San Marino area. Located on the prestigious Huntington Drive corridor of San Marino, San Marino Seafood Restaurant and Market has provided the highest quality fresh seafood to customers for over 9 years. Some loyal customers regularly drive over 50 miles to purchase seafood from the store. George takes pride in his ability to locate almost any type of seafood for his customers. If it's not on the menu, and you really want it, George will make every effort to locate it for you. However, if George believes that quality of a special order item may be sub-standard, he'll come right out and tell you so. San Marino Seafood Restaurant and Market affords its customers a very spacious and comfortable outside dining experience. The lush patio surrounded by living plants provides an at ease "al fresco" dining experience.
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The portion sizes at San Marino Seafood are very generous and the crew is friendly and knowledgable about seafood and seafood products. George is pleased to report that his crew has been with him for many years ensuring good attitudes and friendly service always. The overall atmosphere is relaxed and casual with beautiful wall decor giving the establishment the feel of a dock side harbor restaurant. Cleanliness is a top priority at San Marino Seafood. As a matter of fact one would be hard pressed to find the faintest odor of fish at the restaurant.

San Marino Seafood's customers are its top priority and George will go out on a
limb to make sure his customers are happy and well taken care of. The prices are reasonable and the selection is expansive creating a unique and pleasurable dining experience. Bring grandma and the kids, we're sure they will enjoy San Marino seafood as well!
About Us
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